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Thinking About Painting The Exterior Of Your House

Try These 4 Exterior Tips For Success

Tip 1. Preparation Of The Wall Surface. 

Carefully examine the surface you're planning to paint. Is the old paint peeling and cracked? Are fungus, algae and dirt dulling the colour? Unless these problems are addressed they'll sabotage your new paint job in no time. Careful surface preparation is the foundation of a long-lasting paint job. 

Proper surface preparation often takes much longer than the actual application of paint. Be sure to allow for this important step in your budget and schedule. 

Tip 2. Choosing The Proper Tools. 

When you select quality tools, materials and products for your paint job, the benefits they offer far outweigh the additional up front cost. Your job takes less time, the finished product is more attractive, and re-painting isn't required for years. 
The Exterior Painters Checklist. 
Abrasive Pads (non-metallic)
Brush, stiff bristle, nylon, wire
Dust Sheets
Dust Mask
Extension Cord
Eye Protection, Goggles
Fan for ventilation
Fungicidal Wash
Gloves, chemical resistant
Gloves, leather or cloth
Ladder, step
Masking Tape, Painter's Tape
Paint Remover
Paper Towels
Primer, masonry,
Primer, wood
Putty Knife
Rubbish Bags
Sand Paper, fine grade
Sand Paper, medium grade
Scraper, shaped
Scraper, straight
Sealant, clear
Sealant, white, coloured
Sealant Gun
Stabilising primer, sealer
Wood Filler 

Tip 3. How To Select The Right Paint

Not all paint is created equal. Top quality paints provide tremendous benefits. They adhere to surfaces much better and hide uneven colouration in the substrate better. They also resist chalking and colour fading, dirt and fungus better than economy paints. And despite costing more per litre, they are actually more economical since they last longer and cost less per year. 

Tip 4. Considering The Weather conditions. 

There is more at stake in starting a job in fair weather than the comfort of the painter. Paint performs better in mild conditions, in fact poor painting conditions can greatly compromise the paint job even for interior application.
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