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Painting & Why Everyone Thinks They Can Do It.

If There Is A Job Around The House That Every Body Thinks That They Can Do , It's Painting.

Here Are My Tips To Get The Perfect Finish.
When Buying Paint and Brushes, Always Take advice From The Staff. They Will Always Give You The Best Options And Solutions .

A Water Based Emulsion Is The Best For Walls And Ceilings And Is Better Applied With 2 Coats, The First Coat Acts as An Undercoat.

Don't Confuse Matt Emulsion With Silk. Matt Is A Flat Finish And Tends Not To Show Up Defects As Much As Silk As It Is Non-Reflective,But It Tends To Mark A Lot Easier And Cant Be Washed.

Silk However Gives A Shiny Effect But It Is Slightly More Difficult To Roll, So When Using Silk Be Careful Not To Leave Roller Marks.
It Can Be Wiped Down And Is More Suitable For Kitchens , Bathrooms And Kids Rooms.

Water Based Paints Are Easier To work With , And The Cleaning Of Brushes And Rollers Can Easily Be Washed Right Away With Warm Soapy Water.

Solvent Or Oil Based Paints (Glosses & Varnishes) Are Used Mainly On woodwork , Before Applying You need to Apply A Undercoat Before Applying The Finish Coat (Gloss, Eggshell, Satinwood ).

Oil Based Paints Are Best Applied with A Brush, Preferably 2 Thin Build-Up Coats To Avoid Dreaded runs.
You Should Always Sand Down Between Coats If You Want That Perfect Smooth Finish .

Solvent Or Oil-Based Paints Brushes Should Be Cleaned When Finished Glossing By Using White Spirits Or Brush Cleaner.

Solvent Based Paints Can Take Up To 8 Hours To Dry , But Water Based Paints Can Be Touch Dry In Under An Hour.

Well What's Stopping You , Get Your Rollers Out.
Or To Be On The Safe Side You Could Always Give Us A Call.

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