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Exterior Painting Tips
Rear Before Pics- Exterior Roughcast Painting 25- Feb 2013 Before Pics- Exterior Roughcast Painting Glasgow 25- Feb 2013

Rear After Pics- Exterior Roughcast Painting 25- Feb 2013AFTER Pics- Exterior Roughcast Painting 25- Feb 2013Exterior Painting Tips

Before You Start Painting.

Explore the job thoroughly and look for wear and tear. If there is a lot of scraping to be done, plan to scrape one day and paint another.  This will allow for you time to fill around any fascia and soffit areas and gaps in wood siding and around window frames.  If possible, start with a jet power washing of the area to be painted to break down any mould or moss that has gathered through time and then on to scraping loose roughcast and paint, caulking, and the priming of any bare wood that has been exposed.

Preparation  Notes

If  any bare wood is exposed after scraping, start with a good exterior primer before applying paint.  If the house is old there may be lead paint present so it is  recommended to  wear a dust mask.Use dust sheets where working to reduce mess with drips and spills.I would advise to use a extra long pile roller for roughcast as it can be very deep in parts and a brush will take forever I would also advise to dilute the first coat by 10 - 15% to allow to get amonst the roughcast.
Last Tip - Always stir the paint well before use.
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